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When Christopher Columbus...

When Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492, the only inhabitants living there were the indigenous Indians. Nowadays, the USA is a mix of nations and their cultures, languages, religions and customs. Therefore the country is often labeled “salad bowl”.

The concept of this phrase was derived from the Franklin D. Scott’s essay which states that “the process of amalgamation maybe should instead be called the salad bowl. For a piece of lettuce, even after soaking in French dressing, is still a piece of lettuce” And that is supposed to be the main idea of the unified nations, that had not lost their national identity and maintained their diversity through the years, despite the necessity to live together and cooperate.

As you may have heard, there is another expression for the situation that occurs in the States – “the melting pot”. But, if you look through it thoroughly, you will be able to notice the significant differences which make this term delusional. The melting pot is about turning all the ingredients into one composition. This actually does not take place in reality. As we can often observe, people refer to themselves as “Chinese-American”, “Afro-American” and such, instead of simply saying “Americans”. This way of separating oneself from the others allows to preserve the culture of the minority, but on the other hand, it also proves the lack of unification among the nationalities.

However, not only do the borders appear on the verbal plane, its roots reach much deeper. A lot of cities are divided into the ethnic zones. Even though no other place gives such an opportunity to develop the multicultural civilization as New York does, and the Big Apple appears often as a symbol of integration, there still remain the borders between each and every group. We have the Asians living together in their own area, while, for example Latino-American people occupy another piece of space. This phenomenon is understandable, for it is only natural that one seeks similar people. It makes the cultivation of the tradition easier and ties the bonds between those birds of feathers.

One could ask – what drives people to go to America, then? The number of immigrants (mostly from Asia and South America) grows steadily. If they feel like isolating themselves and keeping the cultural differences, then why would they even leave their country? Well, the States have been presented as “the land of opportunity”, a place where people are equal, a well-paid job awaits anyone and your dreams come true in the blink of an eye. Therefore, the conclusion is easy to draw out – the immigrants believe that the USA will grant them the prosperous life they have always been dreaming of. A simple comparison between the lives of Mexicans who crossed the border proves that concept right. Another reason, especially for the ones from the developed countries, is the academic and economic possibilities guarantied in the country of NASA, Ivy League Universities and Silicone Valley. Thus, there should be no wonder for more and more people leaving for America in search of their own “American dream”.
written by Aneta Kulpa, 3d

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